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Marcy Meyers

Integrative Behavior Practitioner – BioEnergetics Integrative Paint Therapy
Leawood Counseling Center

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Marcy received her training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, with an emphasis on CoreEnergetics breath work, PathWorks characterology, and vibrational medicine.  She also received specialized training on the central nervous system, and integrative paint therapy.   Marcy works with individuals in private session.  She also offers group process seminars.
BioEnergetics is the practice of reading and directing vibrational frequencies in the electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body.  This field regulates the integrated functioning of our physical, psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.  Any disease process, physical or psychological, will be evident as a disturbance in the structure and function of these frequencies.

By bringing into the conscious mind blocked feelings and woundedness, along with the corresponding negative thought patterns and belief systems, bioenergetic therapy creates an environment for change.

BioEnergetic therapy can be utilized as part of an integrated plan of care for individuals with acute and chronic illness and injury, as well as psychological trauma and disease.  It is not intended to replace traditional healthcare and treatment protocols.  Rather, it is a complementary modality that enhances and supports medical treatment and personal wellness plans.